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Oils, fats and waxes are used in many cosmetic formulations for skincare, haircare and body products. When choosing your ingredients with your cosmetic chemist, there are some issues to be considered, such as natural and synthetic options, limitations with formulation, and issues that can arise during the formulation process.


An oil is a moisturisi...

Consumer Multisensory Experience and Cosmetics

Cosmetics companies and manufacturers have done years of research on sensory experience and topical products like skin creams, hair products, roll-ons and spray-ons: how smooth and light a cream should feel; the rough texture of a body scrub; the way a hair conditioner makes a consumer's hair feel soft and not sticky. 

While the consumer thinks of each product they use in relation t...

COSMOS introduces new standard for sustainable palm oil and derivatives

From 1 January 2019, new COSMOS standards apply to formulations that use palm oil and/or palm oil derivatives.

Cosmetics consumers have a growing interest in organic and natural cosmetics, and are particularly interested in knowing that the products they buy are authentic and trustworthy.

COSMOS is a unified, independent global standard developed to define common requirements and ...

Plant Stem Cells and Anti-Aging

Plant stem cells suggest great potential for the anti-aging cosmetics market. Scientific studies have paid more and more attention to the capacity of plant stem cells to synthesise collagen and stimulate skin regeneration, making plant stem cell extracts a hot topic in revolutionary and innovative skincare formulations.
What are stem cells?

Stem cells are found in plant and animal o...

Argan Oil: Benefits and Uses for Hair Treatment

Discover the benefits and the best ways to use argan oil for hair.

Referred ...