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Cruelty free skincare | ban on cosmetics testing on animals

  • By Trulux Team

As Trulux reported in our cruelty free skincare blog back in December 2016, the Australian Government is committed to implementing a ban on testing cosmetics on animals from July 1, 2017.

“This commitment recognises the strong view many Australians have on this issue and brings Australia into line with similar policies implemented in other countries,” states the Dept of Health website.

So what are other countries actually doing about this matter?

Brazil: January 2014, Sao Paulo cosmetics animal testing ban. National ban under discussion. National guidelines revised to increase acceptance of non-animal test methods.

Canada: Working with politicians to amend its Food and Drugs Act to ban animal testing for cosmetics.

China: Regulations changed to end animal testing requirement for cosmetics manufactured in China. They are also working to extend this exemption to foreign imports as well.

India: National cosmetics animal testing ban in June 2013. A sales ban under development.

Japan: Initiated a high-level dialogue with political, regulatory and corporate stakeholders towards national testing ban.

New Zealand: Pressing for a cosmetics animal testing ban as part of ongoing revisions to New Zealand’s Animal Welfare Act.

Russia: Government acceptance of non-animal test methods following a practical training course for regulators.

South Korea: a $155 million government commitment to build a national alternative testing centre. Regulatory acceptance of non-animal test results for medicated cosmetics.

Taiwan: Working to educate politicians and the public on the importance of ending animal testing for cosmetics.

United States: Leading efforts to support federal legislation that will phase out animal testing and prohibit the import of animal-testing cosmetics.

Countries committing to or in discussions to ban animal testing in the cosmetics industry

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