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Travel-ready skin care

  • By Trulux Team

Double your sales by marketing trial-size products as travel size skin care in a travel-ready pack!

When space in the suitcase takes top priority, then skin care miniatures are a saving grace. What’s more, you’re not reinventing the wheel, simply using existing resources to accomplish another goal. Win win for you. Win win for the consumer!

And with more and more people taking to the air for business trips and holidays, it makes good sense.


If you are not already packaging your products in miniatures, then it may be an angle you want to explore.

Trial-size products introduce new customers to your brand by giving them the opportunity to try before they buy the full-size bottle. It also gives them faith in your brand as they can try a variety of items before deciding what cosmetics best suit them.

Once you have your products neatly packaged in miniature form, it’s easy to group them together in sets and market them as a travelling companion or as a special occasion gift, such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, Christmas and birthdays.

Travel size skin care sets

Have fun making up travel size skin care sets. Using the basic formula of cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream and serum, create sets for different age groups, different skin groups, business travellers – both male and female, and holidaymakers.

Age groups

Teens: Use a funky modern design on the box and insert a light set of staples and substitute the serum for a product to help with pimples.

20-30s: Use a contemporary, slick design for the box and insert skin care that will address concerns for this age group, such as a hard-working cleanser that removes make up, and moisturisers that give skin a hydration boost.

40+: Keeping the box design simple, insert products that address very dry skin, wrinkles, and sagging. Add a serum that rejuvenates tired skin.


Oily skin: Create a pack using the staple skin care but which addresses oily skin, including a facial mask and acne serum.

Dry skin: These packs could include an exfoliator and face creams and serums that contain moisture boosting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid.

Brightening: In a white box insert products that brighten and lighten.


Business trip: These packs should include no-nonsense, minimal fuss products. Include makeup remover wipes and rehydrating moisturisers and serums. And introduce business travellers to sheet face masks. These can be used anywhere, anytime for a no-fuss complexion pick-me-up and are the perfect travelling companion for business women.

For men, include grooming products such as a shaving cream, aftershave balm, and hair gel.

Holidaymaker: Whether heading to the snow or hitting the sand, a hard-working moisturiser is a must in a holiday set, as is a good sun screen. You could even include a tanning product to get them started. Create an expanded pack to include mini shampoos and conditioners. Although hotels will include these as part of the service, there is plenty of other accommodation that doesn’t.


Go one step further and allow customers to create their own bespoke sets. This is essential for businesses selling cosmetics in a variety of colours, such as tinted moisturisers and beauty balms, but perhaps easier to do for an online business.

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